Today's Idea
Sunday, June 16, 2019

Old Time Base Ball

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of Major League Baseball, and while you can celebrate the modern sport at any number of big league parks, where do you go to get a look at what the roots of the game actually looked like back in the 1860’s?


The answer, not surprisingly, is the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, a living history museum that brings 19th century Long Island back to life, with 36 hourses, barns and buildings dating from 1660 to 1875. The village is peopled with skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, and just about every weekend of the summer season, members of the 1864 League play base ball the way it was played in the good old days, dressed in vintage uniforms. (They also use the traditional spelling - base ball, not the modern baseball.) If you like base ball, or even if you don’t, it’ll take you back to a simpler time.


Old Time Base Ball is free with admission to Old Bethpage Village: $14 adults, $8 for children and seniors.  Games begin at 11:30 am; museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am-4 pm. If you miss the 1864 League this Sunday, no worries: the league plays just about every Sunday (and July 4.) If baseball isn’t your thing, Old Bethpage has other fun events, including Mounted Cowboy Shooting Shows, which reenact the shooting events held at Wild West Shows in the late 19th century, and an Old Time Music Weekend. Check website for schedule.